State Council

Sisters and Brothers,

Attended the New Mexico Federation of Labor, NMFL, executive board meeting August 1st, 2017. As you may recall, at the NMFL convention, board members were elected from New Mexico’s various union locals and this was the first meeting since that time.

Meeting was called to order at 1 pm by NMFL president Jon Hendry. After approval of agenda, special guest, Steven Rael addressed the Board. Mr. Rael is Labor Relations Specialist and President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 2063. He spoke of the continuing issues that our sisters and brothers of the AFGE are having with proposed legislation that threatens to disrupt their union and work conditions at the state VA offices.


Two bills going through the US House of Representatives; HR 1461 and HR1364. These bills attempt to deprive federal employees of union representation in two main ways:

They severely restrict official time by imposing limits on who can serve as a union shop steward or officer, how much time they are permitted to spend on these official duties, and what they are permitted to do.

They attempt to deprive the union of resources and stability by inviting employees to drop union membership at any time.

These bills take away the right of agency leaders and employee representatives to determine the appropriate usage of official time by setting artificial caps: they cap the use of official time at 25% and ZERO official time for doctors, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, registered nurses, physician assistants, expanded-function dental auxiliaries, probationary workers, and employees earning in excess of $100,000.

They, also, extend the “at-will” probationary period when employees can be fired-for any reason or no reason- from 12 to 24 months.

Please contact the following Representatives:

Michelle Lujon Grisham at (202 225-6316)

Steve Pearce at Pearce.House.Gov (202 225-2365)

After Mr. Raels presentation, the meeting proceeded with approvals for financials and minutes. President Jon Hendry talked of the upcoming gatherings for Labor Day and the city of Albuquerque elections. Old and new business was addressed along with good and welfare. Meeting was adjourned @ 3:45 pm.



In Solidarity,

Brian Breitag

IAMAW Local 2515 Political Liaison