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December 5, 2016, 


Company safety meeting was called by Mr. Don Basset.

Company attendees: Don Basset, Susan Maynez             

Union attendees: Andy Polanco, Ramon Martinez


Mr. Basset would like to get a Safety Committee together with union and exempt employees working together.  He would like volunteers for this committee 3 union from Central 3 Union from South and 2 Union from North.  He would like for it not to become a bitch session but more of a productive state to get things done…So as Central Range Chief Steward I am asking for volunteers from Central Range. 3 individuals for this section at Central Range.





Company had a 3rd step grievance for the TTF Hazard pay.


Company attendees: Michele Villescas, Kevin Norwood, David Soules, Scott D. Petty, Renee Roman.

Union attendees:  Robert Schuller, Mariano Melendrez 3rd, Max Padilla, Andy Polanco, Jay Jaramillo, Ramon Martinez


Nothing has been resolved in the 1st to steps.  Hoping for impact bargaining to resolve the safety issue with the hazard pay and get it put into the CBA.  Back pay should be a huge issue but it is more about the safety issue with the TTF individuals.  Waiting on the step 3 answer from company which should come in 5 working days from today. If cannot come to something with impact bargaining will more than likely go to arbitration.


Anyone can be contacted on this list if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me.



Ramon Martinez

Central Range Chief Steward

 575.442.0130 or 575.637.6460