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The company met with the union on different subjects.



Attendees Company side: John Fargason, Dale Key, Michele Villescas, Kevin Norwood, David Soules, and John Zembas.


Union Side: Jay Jaramillo, Richard Valencia, Max Padilla, Lorene Henio, and Ramon Martinez.


1.) The first part of the meeting was a discussion with the company due to a department Manager degrading, or belittling an individual.  It was an open discussion to get to the bottom of the problem and coming to a conclusion of where things went wrong.  The Manager will contact the individual and is supposed to give an apology.

2.) The company was supposed to give the presentation for the awards fee of the May time frame but the meeting was canceled and should be rescheduled within the next 2 weeks.

3.) The company still has not received a formal budget but is also hoping within the next 2 weeks.

4.) IAMD is still up in the air right now.

5.) Disparity is still a huge issue is certain sections, especially in the electrician section due to favoritism. 





A 2nd meeting was held for a Step 3 grievance.  Upgrades Class Action 


Attendees Company side:   Randy Polage, Dale Key, Kevin Norwood, and Michele Villescas.

Union Side:  Jay Jaramillo, Richard Valencia, Max Padilla, John Pinzone, and Ramon Martinez.


Upgrades are up to Company but company is not recognizing the individuals who are going above and beyond.  The company gave an extended time frame to go thru job descriptions and take them back to the members to go thru the job descriptions to say what they do and don’t do in them.  Also how to distinguish on how C techs are doing B tech and A tech work.


1.) Another Step 3 grievance was scheduled for the TTF folks on this coming Monday.


2.) A step one was filed against the company yesterday on behalf of the welders for management doing their work.


If any questions please feel free to contact anyone on the list...


Ramon Martinez

Central Range Chief Steward


575.442.0130 or 575.637.6460